Saturday, December 18, 2010


Why didn't someone tell me to go and make biscuits? I mean, I waited 21,5 years to try some, that's waaay to long. I never quite understood what defined a biscuit, I read about them in cookbooks such as Vegan Brunch and also on peoples blogs. Biscuits and gravy everywhere, and I still didn't bother to make them. Why? I'm not sure, I always had something else instead I guess. My basic scone-recipe has the same ingredients as a basic biscuit recipe I found, only in different proportions. I figured I might as well have scones instead and since I've never had gravy for breakfast, I've never really had a need for biscuits.

Some days ago, we found ourselves with nothing for breakfast other than a can of baked beans, and wanted something to go along with them. The idea to make biscuits struck me and I got going. I used Savvy Abby's recipe without any add-ins and OH MY! They were quick, easy and came out fluffy and tender with a firmer crust. They were good with the beans and even better with strawberry-orange jam. I can't wait to have biscuits and gravy now! What are you're favourite biscuit recipe? Any suggestion on a gravy to have along with them?


  1. Tzippy's biscuits on the Jewishvegan blog are really good, and CTate's recipe is in the Vegan Girl's Guide to Life!

  2. verkar gott! jag måste verkligen skaffa lite kokböcker...

  3. I prefer my biscuits with jam, like you had (strawberry orange sounds divine!) "Sausage" and biscuits is also good, but I don't particularly care for biscuits and gravy.

    I use a slightly altered version of the recipe found in Vegan Comfort Food. Super easy!

    Yours look like they came out perfectly!