Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A lot of things are happening right now. The organisation I'm working for runs a campaign with the aim to set focus on kids and alcohol during the holidays, and it's a lot of work with that now as you might imagine. This Friday, we have a concert with five local bands all playing live for the first time ever. Fun, but time consuming. We're driving around putting up posters, handing out flyers and doing media work. We're also moving to Iceland in less than 3 week.

So well, of course I'm cooking, and a lot too. I just don't do anything spectacular and most of the cooking is done when the dark has fallen. And taking photos after dark isn't very appealing to me.

Yesterday, I got a big package with the post from my mother. She knows me really well, seeing as she sent me only foodie stuff. Soy strips, soy cutlets, vörtmix (a spice mix for a traditional Christmas bread in Sweden), saffron for saffron buns, and home made chocolate cookies! Yesterday I made noodles with peanut sauce with vegetables and soy strips, and oh my was that tasty. The conclusion? Well, I hope the next couple of days will bring more food to blog.


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