Thursday, December 9, 2010

Previous Christmases

This year I was ready, and in good time to. I spent the second half of November listening to Christmas songs and planning how to spend it. Two days ago, I was stoked to find that it's only two weeks left. TWO!! It must have been my trip to Finland, it messed up my rhythm a bit. So now I'm in the middle of making gifts and planning what to cook and bake. Until I have some holiday eats to share with you, I thought I'd show you what I've been up to the previous years.

 2006. I had only been vegan for 6 months and made chocolate truffles and lussekatter (saffron buns). I also made seitan sausages which everyone else in my family wouldn't touch. They were great though!

2007. A rutabaga "ham". The ham is the centre piece on the Swedish Christmas table. It's boiled and glazed with mustard.

2008. I escaped Christmas and went to Berlin. We ate lunch at Yellow Sunshine. Before I left I made gingerbread cookies and candied almonds. 

 2009. I spent Christmas at home, and made chocolate truffle cups with gingerbread crusts. The horrible picture in the bottom is my Christmas dinner spread: Janson's temptation (a traditional Swedish potato casserole), beet root salad, skagen salad (traditionally made with shrimps, but I used tofu), brussel sprouts, soy balls, rutabaga "ham".


  1. I never would have thought to turn a rutabaga into ham! It looks great!

  2. OMG. Awesome post! I love the Christmas retrospective... and that dog? Adorable doesn't even begin to describe him/her!!

  3. Those lussekatter look amazing! They've been on my baking list for ages. I am glad that pig is on top if the ham and not in it ;)

  4. Sara P and Catofstripes: Using rutabaga for the ham is quite common amongst vegans in Sweden actually. I think it's quite tasty, especially if you boil it with cloves and allspice.

    jd: It's my family's dog, and his name is Goliat! Such a sweetie.

    seitanismymotor: you should make them soon! Lussekatter is really great for this season. You can also make them as cinnamon rolls and fill with shredded almond paste.