Saturday, January 1, 2011


2010 was the year I moved abroad, and with that came a lot of fun stuff. What it didn't bring was good food. Living in the Faroe Islands is great for those who likes sheep and fish, preferably the dried/rotten kind, but for me, it was a challenge. I have learned a lot about making interesting food from limited resources, which I hope to bring with me to future situations. The supermarkets here carry a lot of the stuff I'm used to at home, but it lacks greatly in three departments.

1. Fruit and vegetables. The selection is rather small, and what you can find is not very high quality. Everything is being imported and ripened somewhere on a ship.

2. Asian food items. The selection in the supermarkets don't go further than taco stuff and noodles, and special stores for this kinds of food? No way.

3. Special vegan items. Sure you can find soy milk, margarine and sometimes even ice cream, but everything else either won't exist or cost it's weight in gold.

So, for 2011 I wish for great food. I will be moving away from here in two days, to Reykjavik, Iceland for three months, and then I'm not sure where I will end up.

2011, please bring me:
A huge amount of fresh fruit and vegetables. Like these in Turkey.

Sushi! I LOVE sushi but my intake has been very low here. I will do whatever it takes to eat it on a more regular basis this year.


A birthday cake like the one I had when I turned 18.

Happy New Year everyone! What are your food-wishes for 2011?


  1. Smoothies, sourdough bread, mango, strawberries in the summer, a vegan luxury restaurant and all sorts of chai tea :)

  2. I get cold just reading your posts! Brr. But Iceland sounds fun. I had a student from there & all the pictures she showed me were amazing.
    That birthday cake is so beautiful! You do deserve another one!
    Happy New Year!