Wednesday, March 30, 2011

C is for cookie

I'm leaving Iceland tomorrow. I've spent 3 snowy, cold and fun months here working, but now it's time to leave. I will stay in Sweden for the month of April, then have a summer filled with adventures in Oregon, Washington and England. I'm so excited! But before I leave, I wanted to tell you about a really nice café in Reykjavík.
C is for cookie is a café right off the main drag, which means it's close to everything but quiet and calm as if it was far away from the city center. The interior is light and welcoming with some soft sofas and armchairs as well as wooden tables and chairs, and the bookshelf is filled with fun books and a large amount of National Geographic magazines. The menu is simple but nice, and the prices are quite cheap for being Scandinavia. 
They offer a roll or toast with hummus which is nothing spectacular, but homemade and vegan. It would be nice to have some veggies to it though.

They have soy milk  for your coffee and they make a cute pattern in the froth with a chocolate syrup. I'm always  irritated when cafés charge extra for soy milk, so I'm pleased that they don't do it here. I wish I found this place earlier than 5 days before I would leave! Next time I go to Iceland I will definitely go back and I hope they will have a vegan cookie by then.

C is for cookie is situated on Týsgata 8, 101 Reykjavík


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