Monday, March 21, 2011

Cabin Hotel, Reykjavík

While the warm section of this eat-all-you-want buffet leaves a lot to wish for vegan eaters, the cold section can please most of us. It's simple, almost on the edge to boring, but it will surely fill you up if your not a super picky eater. There's a lot of raw vegetables, pasta, rice and some sauces, of which the salsa and sweet chilli sauce is vegan. Add some bread, peanuts and fresh fruit to that and you've got yourself a meal. I miss more protein options (now there's only chickpeas), some cooked vegetables and of course, some warm food would be nice as well. But it's a place where you can bring any old grumpy Icelander, and everyone will be happy and full.

Also, I cut bangs the other week! I like it, but I think I'll cut it short this summer, maybe even shave it off before going to England. Time will tell!


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