Thursday, March 24, 2011

Syrup waffles

(Psst, this post is just a tease for what's coming tomorrow, when it's National Waffle Day in Sweden and I will celebrate from abroad by hosting a waffle party at my office!)

Yesterday I picked up something totally new to me in the supermarket. They called it syrup waffles, and the package said they were organic and filled with hazelnut paste. I bought one package to try, and this morning me and Martin had one each for breakfast. While not being a very healthy or filling start of the day, they were totally delicious! I think they would have been superb with coffee, so I might have to buy another package and try that combination very soon. I also bet I could make something similar myself with my wafer iron. Perhaps someone of you have a recipe for me?

Right after finding the waffles, I also found a pair of earrings that is exactly what I have been looking for for more than a year. Who knew it would be so hard finding something so simple?


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