Friday, March 25, 2011

Waffle day!

 Today is the national waffle day in Sweden, and although it's not currently my country of residence, I refuse not to celebrate this wonderful day fully. The origin of this day is rather funny. For Christian people out there, this day is more known as the day Maria got knocked up. In Swedish that day is called Vårfrudagen ("Our Lady's Day"), which in vernacular Swedish sounds almost like Våffeldagen (waffle day). Well, to be honest I have a hard time understanding how someone could mishear it like that, but who am I to argue when it made a day into waffle day?

This is our last week in Iceland for this time, so we wanted to treat our co-workers with a waffle party! I wanted to try the raised waffles in Vegan Brunch, but I also wanted to make some the way they're normally eaten in Sweden, light and crispy. So I found a great recipe over at The Vegan Swedes, and made waffles for the 10 o'clock coffee break at the office today. Total success of course!

 You can find the recipe for the waffles on the pictures here.


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