Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Call for advice on Oregon and Washington!

In exactly 3 weeks, I'm off to new adventures! I'm going to Oregon and Washington, where I will spend 6 week hitching around and experience amazing places and meeting wonderful people. At least this is what I'm hoping for, so a little help from your side would be very appreciated! I know that a lot of you reading this lives in the area, or have visited it, so if you would be so very kind to drop me a line (either in comments or to my e-mail), it would mean a lot to me. I'd like to know about where to eat the best donuts, buy the coolest vegan candy, find the cheapest burgers and milkshakes, but also which corner in the city is your favourite, where you prefer to hike and the best places to go for a swim. Bring it on, I'm so excited!

I love travelling. Here I am, very happy during a hike in beautiful Kapadokya, Turkey 2010.


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