Monday, June 20, 2011

Visiting the Tofurkey Factory

After 3 nights in Portland we were excited to leave the city and head out to the nature. We had the greatest hitchhiking experience ever with a man and his three-legged dog who took us all the way and made some stops along the way to watch Herman the sturgeon as well as the Bonneville damm. In no time, we were at our destination; White Salmon. It's situated opposite to Hood River, up on the hill on the Washington side of the river and it's a nice little town with a fantastic view. We stayed with a lovely family where we got to meet a bunch of the local high school kids, they took us hiking and to my surprise, to the Tofurkey factory over in Hood River! I've heard a lot about Tofurkey products, especially around Thanksgiving, but obviously never tried them, so I was excited.

The wonderful view from Catherine Creek where we went hiking.

Lynn and me with hot dog hats and turtles in the reception.

 Very happy with my free lunchbox and samples! I got two packages of tempeh strips, two kinds of deli slices and some beer sausages! You should all go there, I think they even give tours.


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