Monday, July 4, 2011

Dartmoor Organic Blueberries, North Harton Farm

I havn't even posted all my posts about my travels to Oregon and Washington yet, but I'm already away on new adventures. This time I'm WWOOFing on farms in south-western England for six weeks in total. First out is A blueberry farm in Dartmoor, which is a wonderful setting for anything. I'm staying in a wonderful turfed stonehouse surrounded by green hills, and so far it's been amazing. The weather is just wonderful, the people here are funny and the food has been great.
 The only thing I don't enjoy is the nettles. They hurt me at least 4 times today and I just hate the feeling!
 The main task today was relaying the pipes for water.
 Unfortunately, most of the blueberries are unripe still.
But every once in a while, there's a ripe one!

Have any of you done WWOOFing?


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