Friday, July 1, 2011

San Juan Islands

We spent a little bit over a week on the San Juan Islands, and managed to visit the 4 main ones, Lopez, San Juan, Shaw  and Orcas. I love couchsurfing so much, how else would we have gotten to stay with the islands nurse on Lopez, with a hobby farmer on San Juan and attending a huge fancy house warming party on Shaw?

Our first stop was Lopez. We stayed with a lovely woman and her family there, and the first thing she did was giving us a cookie. She was off to a good start.

The dump on Lopez is wonderful. Instead of trashing stuff that still works, they collect it and arrange it like a thrift shop - but it's free!

Blossom Grocery in Lopez Village. The natural food store with a good selection but high prices.

We went on to San Juan. 3 day old goat cuddling with the dog.

We were walking around downtown Friday Harbour when we saw a place that had these kind of daily specials where it was all you can eat-something. We were lucky, the next day was deep fried veggie sushi rolls and we couldn't resist it. To our surprise, it was very tasty.

We found some Rice Dream ice creams in the food store.

We went on to Shaw Island, probably the least visited of the 4 since there are very limited arrangements for tourists there. We enjoyed the small island life to the limit though, thanks to our wonderful host. Here is her cute dog.

We went to Orcas over the day and I had kumquats for the first time in my life. I loved it!

Actually, it was my birthday, so I baked a peach cobbler in the evening to celebrate. The next morning we went back to the mainland.


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