Monday, August 29, 2011

Rose Hip Soup

Have you ever eaten a rose hip before? It's the fruit of the rose, and can vary in size, shape and colour, from orange to red to purple and almost black. The rose hip contains loads of vitamin C, so eating them is really good for you! Making a sweet soup out of them is really traditional in Swedish cuisine, and you'll probably want to eat it warm with ice cream. Or cold as a thick juice. It's good for you when you have a sick stomach too. Not convinced yet? Look at the bright colour!

The variety we picked was big, round and dark orange/red. This is what they look like on the inside. The small hairs is sometimes really itchy so watch out for them or put them inside the shirt of someone you don't like.

This colour is insane. This is the boiled, mashed and strained rose hips.

Swedish rose hip soup
This is really more of a method than a recipe, because the quantities it's a matter of taste and the variety of rose hips you use. 
1. Pick the rose hips.
2. Cut off the weird ends.
3. Cut them in half and clean out the seeds. (You might not have to do this, I will get back to you when I've tried a more easy way!)
4. Boil them in a little bit of water until really soft.
5. Mix them up really good with an immersion blender or what you have on hand.
6. Put the purée in a fine mesh strainer and push them through it, leaving the stringy bits behind.
7. Put the purée back in the sauce pan, adding water until desired thickness.
8. Add sugar until sweet enough for your taste, and heat until the sugar has dissolved.
9. Eat or store in the fridge.


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