Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Chickpeas, frigde, freezer and a lake.

Today's post is kind of a mish mash. A picture of boiled chickpeas in freezer bags, a peak into my fridge and freezer and a picture of a lake in autumn. I'm not a super blogger this MoFo, but I hope to make up for it in November and December. 

Before moving to Hallsberg I want to a big Indian supermarket in Gothenburg and bought a giant bag (5 kilo) of dried chickpeas.Chickpeas is definitely my favourite legume (maybe shared with green peas) and since they are so versatile they get used a lot in my kitchen. I like to cook them up in big batches and freeze them for easy use later on.

So this is my fridge. In the door, I keep things such as capers, liquid smoke, malt vinegar, soy sauce, cooking wine, sriracha and ketchup. On the top shelf there is all kinds of jams and jellies, the huge almost empty glass jar is lingonberry jam. You can also spot some tahini and margarine. The second shelf is pretty empty since I have no left overs today, but there are some pears that my mother brought from her garden. The last two shelves are for veggies. Right now there's bell peppers, rutabagas, cabbage and more.

 My freezer is kind of a mess since it's so full. Mostly, there's huge bags of lingonberries, apple pieces, cranberries and such.

We went to a gorgeous lake today that's nearby the town I'm living in. It's pretty big, very blue and it was kind of windy today to the surface was pretty rough. Imagine living in that house shown in the picture above, quite a view!


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