Monday, November 14, 2011


Lingonberries, the red gold of the Swedish forests.This evergreen plant grows in abundance in the forests and the tart little berry ripens in the autumn. That's when you go out and pick as much of them as you could possibly eat until next season, and preserve them by freezing or making jam. And even though you can make all sorts of things with them, like juice or in baking, jam is by far the most common way to indulge them. The jam is simple, and made only with lingonberries and sugar, and is a bit tart. You can also make something called "raw stirred" lingonberries, which is raw berries mashed up with sugar. These condiments are then eaten with a huge variety of things, savoury and sweet. It goes great with potatoes, pancakes, cabbage, oatmeal, cereals, pitepalt or whatever you want!


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