Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sweets on the west coast.

I spent the weekend on the west coast, in the town I grew up in, Göteborg (or to use it's English name, Gothenburg). I hung out with my family, and no catching up is complete without a lot of fika (check out the link, and learn about Sweden's holy institution of coffee and a sweet). My mother had made some candy cane brownie cookies, and even though they didn't came out very pretty, they were really tasty.

Above is two new sweets sold by one of the biggest coffee chains - Espresso House. Earlier they've had a basic chocolate ball, and now they have come up with two new varieties, one rolled in nuts (the one on the left), and the other one that has a hint of mint flavour and is rolled in candy cane sprinkles (the one on the right). They were both pretty good, with a very fluffy inside and crunchy outside. Most of all, it's nice to have some more options!


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