Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cabbage pancakes


I'm reading on a lot of blogs from the U.S that it's strawberry season. When I read that, I tend to look out the window, let out a big sigh and curse the fact that I live so far up north. Let me tell you, it's not strawberry season here, not even close. The last snowfall wasn't even a week ago and the trees are still naked without leaves.  It has it's charm though, waiting for the green to explode. And I dare say I believe it's close now.

Meanwhile, I continue eating one of my favorite and most simple winter meals ever. Cabbage pancakes with lingonberry jam. It's super simple, just finely chopped cabbage mixed with flour, baking powder, water and salt, then fried up and served with a generous spoon of jam. Yes, we eat sweet jam with savory foods in Sweden. The cucumber isn't very seasonal but hey, I got to live a little too.

This weekend we spent Saturday in Martins mother's summer cottage. We worked hard burning loads of cut down pine trees. Later in the evening, I took a long walk by my self and saw a total of 18 roe deers. I love life on the countryside.


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