Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cooking up a Sunday storm.

I love how it takes under 10 minutes to bike out from town to landscapes like this.
 Today has been a pretty standard Sunday. I went running in the morning, biking in the afternoon and cleaning the floors in the afternoon. All while listening to podcasts and watching tv-series. There was also some billberry ice cream eaten on the balcony.

I love cooking, but not on weekday nights when I'm tired and hungry and just wants to microwave a potato or three. So today, I cooked up some food to bring to lunch and to eat as dinner during the coming week. There's 8 lunch boxes Arabian Lentil and Rice soup, carrot ginger dressing and a muffin tray filled with mango BBQ beans (about to be frozen for easy handling), all of it from Appetite for Reduction.  There is also two servings left of the wheat berry salad I had for lunch. This salad is great. I bought a bag of wheat berries yesterday, and today I went on the blog I've been reading a lot the past couple of days; My New Roots and searched for a recipe using them. I found this one and started cooking right away. I know it says it's for cold winter days, but I promise you it was awesome on a spring day as well. I'm pretty sure I will make this again and again and again, it's so good!

I totally feel ready for next week now, knowing I will have tasty and easy food to eat when I get home.


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