Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Chopped Thursday: Satsuma, dijon, zucchini and cocoa

 It's Thursday, which means that we have been playing "chopped" at home! We will be taking turns with giving each other mystery ingredients, and today was my turn to be the chef and Martin  the game maker. 

Since he wasn't home from work when it was time to make dinner, he had written a note for me with his pick of ingredients. 

Here's what I got! Zucchini, cocoa powder, satsumas and dijon mustard! Whaaat.


 I used the Zucchini for cornbread,made a black bean chili with cocoa poweder and carrots qlazed with satsuma juice and dijon mustard. This was served with pickled red onions and a simple salad. 

Martin's verdict:
I knew that since I was first out to decide ingredients I would set the bar for the competition. Knowing that I still choose to go all in, with difficult-to-combine things. In my mind I imagined the citrus and mustard going into some kind of salad, so I was surprised that Fanny didn't take this approach. I really liked the zucchini cornbread together with the beans, and even though the carrots didn't blend in so well (this was as likely my own fault due to the far range of flavours I choose) the overall dinner was good!


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