Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday recap

Is it just me or are people slowing down their MoFo-ing as November is getting closer? I have still been posting every day, but I am the first to admit that reading so many blogs and commenting is not as excited as it was two weeks ago. I'll do better in these last days remaining!

Two posts that has definitely made me happy though. First out was Olives for Dinner's Vegan Scallops in a Wine Cream Sauce over Pasta. It sounds great, and she is using my favorite pasta shape as well. Second, there's Kittee's post where she's walking down memory lane, sharing her favorite posts from her 6 years of Vegan MoFo. That candy sushi, I have no words.
Photos from Instagram. Are you on there? I'm fanyalucy!
 4 snapshots from my weekend. A fantastic cardamom bun, me in my giant warm scarf (it's below freezing here now!), rye bread with hummus, tomato and basil and a pretty autumn sunset.


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