Sunday, June 2, 2013

A night in Swedens most primitive hostel.

We headed north this Saturday. North-east to be specific, and we wound up in the forest.

The reason for heading north, as if needing one, was a night in this little hut. It's a reconstruction of a hut just like the ones the people who made charcoal back in the days took shelter in while watching the process. Now, there's a place just outside of Skinnskatteberg with reconstructed huts where you can stay over. The place is called Kolarbyn.

 The huts were surrounded by green. Moss, low vegetation, pines and birch.

We took a walk along this path, down to the lake.

I went for a little swim. I love the feeling of wild water around me. 

Soon, it was time for dinner. With no electricity or running water, the dinner was cooked over open fire.

Brought a wheat berry+veggie salad and a sauce, and fired up some veggie burgers. 

We spent the entire evening lying down in our hut, reading, talking and watching the fire. I feel asleep early on the hard surface and slept well for 11 hours.

We had fire toasted bread for breakfast, and the smoky taste paired with the sweet orange marmalade.

 One last look at the pretties little hut ever.


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