Monday, July 1, 2013


I eat my homegrown tomatoes almost every day, picking them off the shrubs when they get ready. Tonight I made oven roasted fennel and tomatoes. Ate it with pasta and sat out on the balcony over flowing with plants and talking about our trip to Iceland in late summer. After dinner I spend an hour re-potting some chili plants and a brand new huge basil plant.

This is high season for couchsurfers. I get a lot of requests, but say no to most people. I say yes to the ones that writes nice requests and sounds interesting. So far only girls have made the cut for some reason, and there's been three french ones, one greek and now two lithuanian ones. Letting strangers into my life is satisfying and fun, trusting people should be a given.

We spend the weekends in my mother in laws summer cottage. I play in the small pool like a kid, listen to radio and fall asleep in the sofa in the early evening. We eat rhubarb and strawberries and can't wait for the rest of the berries to get ripe in gardens and the forest.

I'll be better with sharing my food with you, until they, enjoy summer.


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