Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Candy and a birtday cake!

Two weeks ago, I won my first giveaway ever at Miso for Breakfast. She's hosting awesome giveaways every day! How amazing is that? I won a copy of The Vegan Girl's Guide to Life, and started waiting restlessly for it to arrive. It still hasn't. I really hope for it not to be lost somewhere in the gigantic postal system, and keep telling myself it's just taking it's time. 

Only a week later, I won again but from Vegan in Brighton this time. This package arrived today. It's a lot closer distance for a package to travel, so I guess that's why it came earlier. Anyway, I'm so happy. I won candy! White chocolate (which can NOT be found here) and a dark chocolate with pumpkin seeds and hemp oil, and a beautiful box with some lemon sherbets.

 I've never even heard of something called "sherbets" before this was in my hand, so I was excited to try one. Look how cute the box is! The sherbets turned out to be a hard candy with lemon flavour, and oh my did they taste good!

I haven't tried the chocolate yet, but I'll let you know how good it was when I have.

As if that's not enough with sweet stuff, here's a cake too! One of my friends I have hear turns 16 on Sunday, so we wanted to celebrate her sometime this week. To make it a little extra more fun, we turned it into a surprise. We said she needed to come here so that we could plan some activities for the organisation we are working for (and she is the president of) but instead of a boring meeting this cake is what welcomed her! I also made here a recipe zine with some of my favourite vegan recipes which I hope she will enjoy! The cake is a chocolate cake with chocolate pudding between the layers, and topped with lemon butter cream turned pink with food colouring.


  1. I love how you made the 16 out of those little pearly sprinkles, reminds me of those tests they use to check if someone's colour blind! :))

  2. hoorah! so sweet of you to make a surprise cake for a 16 year old!! Also, how amazing that a 16 year old is the president of an organization??!! She must be an incredible person.

    Lucky you for winning two contests!! I'm so happy for you. I've been entering contests like crazy, and haven't won any... but you're living out on a remote island, so it's good if you win a few goodies! :) Congrats!