Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving in one piece / I made Mo's meat cake!

Ever since I saw Mo's post about her meat cake I've known I had to make one. I've never eaten Thanksgiving food, since it's not celebrated where I grew up, so I planned to make some this year. So when the idea of a thanksgiving meat cake was presented to me, it all seemed so simple. I would catch two flies in one smash (like we say in Swedish). I know I'm a bit early, but since it's just a theme dinner for me and not really a holiday, I don't really think a couple of days matter. Today was the day of the thanksgiving cake.

I used Mo's description as a guide, but used other stuff in it. I used a lentil loaf recipe for two of the layers, and a simple stuffing with apples as one. The frosting consisted of mashed potatoes, and between two of the layers I also added some pumpkin to the potatoes for an extra kick. On top there's cranberry sauce. I served it with roasted garlic gravy from Tofu-n-Sprouts.

It took quite a long time to make it, since I only had one pan that I needed to bake one layer at the time in. It was all dark when I was finished so the pictures are pretty crappy, but who cares, I think it's awesome anyway.

And you know what, it tasted great! I don't know what stuffing is supposed to taste like, or cranberry sauce. But we liked it and have loads of leftovers! And the cranberry sauce, it's very similar to lingonberry jam, which is a very common condiment in Sweden. It tastes a little bit different (it's different berries after all!) but the concept is definitely the same. It's a bit tart but sweet too, and is perfect to food.

So if anyone ever doubted the amazingness of the meat cake, doubt no more! Get in the kitchen and get going!

I made a small trifle with the stuff that didn't fit into the cake. Breakfast maybe?


  1. Amazing! I've been thinking about doing this too!

  2. oh my gosh! yours is one of my most favorite blog discoveries of this mofo. It's just incredible. That meat cake looks soooooo good. I love the parfait glass of meat cake! Ha ha!

  3. Amey: Thank you. I was a bit worried that my attempt to blog would suck so bad and that no one would read. I love your blog so it means a lot to me that you say that!