Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pizza Salad.

Today I will tell you about something I believe is very Swedish. Not the dish itself, but the name and use. It's called pizza salad. I have never been to a pizza place in Sweden that don't serve this alongside their pizza. If you order take-away, you will get it in a small plastic container. If you eat at the restaurant, you'll probably be given a big bowl of it while waiting for you're pizza to arrive. I've always loved it. I could eat myself full on it before the pizza arrived. But also, I've always loved it ON TOP of the pizza, giving a cold crunch to the hot pizza.

OK, here comes the disappointment; it's just a cole slaw. The fancy smanchy pizza salad is only white cabbage, finely shredded and dressed with oil, vinegar, salt, black pepper and sometimes roasted red pepper slices. But somehow, it doesn't taste the same way at home as it does on the pizza place, I don't know how they make it so tender and not oily.

What do you eat with you're pizza?


  1. Salad always, most of the time a lettuce based though I like cabbage and tomato-cucumber based too! It's the perfect accompaniment I think!

  2. I judge a pizza place by the pizza salad. It tells you a lot about a place if they put the effort to make a good salad.

  3. That sounds pretty darn yummy! I eat just nothing with my pizza, but I have a strange drink I like with it: orange juice!

  4. Pizza salad - or cabbage salad - is one of favorite salads, too! I have never been able to recreate the taste myself, either, but my mom magically makes it taste quite identical to the one served in a good pizzeria (I'll have to watch one day when she makes it - I realize I have no idea what she puts in hers). :)