Saturday, November 20, 2010

Green peas and carrots.

Since it's Saturday and all, I'll keep it short and simple. I will just give you my favourite way to cook green peas and carrots. I've learned both methods from Orangette, a wonderful blog written by Molly Wizenberg.

Let's talk about the green peas first. I have never come across fresh ones, so this is for frozen (a bit thawed, preferably). It's really simple, but it opened up a new world for me. Previously, I used to just boil them for a short while and eat them plain alongside a meal. I liked it, I have always liked peas, but it was a bit boring. Now, I always cook them together with onion in a skillet, as described here. I just omit the meat, and it's lovely, but I'm sure it would be tasty with some smoky seitan or tofu too. The texture get a lot better than when boiled, it's not as moist but the insides are creamy and full of flavour.

The carrots are cooked a similar way, together with onions and garlic, until just tender and amazingly full of flavour.

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  1. great post! I am/was a frozen pea boiler as well. I"ll definitely try this next time! :)