Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ice cream cones!

I, as most people, love ice cream. In Sweden there's some different brands of non-dairy ice cream available in most super markets, and even though it's not exceptionally good, it's ice cream. Up here on the Faroe Islands, it's a bit harder. Over all, I think there's also a lot less dairy ice cream than in Sweden. And non-dairy is RARE. To say that it's non existent would be a lie, but it's not very easy to get hold of. There is one supermarket that have Italian rice ice cream in cones but they are ridiculously expensive, so I would never be able to let go and buy it. The same store sometimes have the soy-based ice cream that is the most common one in Sweden. I've seen it twice, but the thing is that the supermarket is more than 1 hour away from our home, so it's not always that convenient to buy from there. And the times it would have been, it wasn't in stock.

Today we went to a nearby village to take a walk there, and realized that they had the same supermarket as the one previously mentioned, but a bit smaller. And in there, we found both dried figs on sale and soy ice cream!

So we went home, and I made ice cream cones in the wafer iron. I've never had home made ice cream cones before, but let me tell you, they were even better than the ice cream.


  1. damn, I forgotten about doing my own project ahead!

  2. They are so cute! I found some mini ice cream cones, I should buy them too.

    There are some vegan ice creams avail. in Australia but not nearly as many in the US

  3. Such dainty, delicate little cones! I love the patterns the iron leaves on them, and they look so perfectly crisp... I should really try making my own ice cream cones asap. These are so inspiring!