Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sell your soul pumpkin cookies.

I love cookies, I mean, who doesn't? And most of the time, I have no problem making them come to live either. Some recipes comes out great all of the time, like the chocolate hazelnut biscotti from Veganomicon, or the Mexican Chocolate Snickerdoodles from Vegan Cookies Invades Your Cookie Jar.

Although, there is one recipe that almost leaves me lying awake at night. The chocolate chip cookie in the aforementioned Vegan cookies(....). I've tried to make them at least 5 times, and only ONCE they came out as I wanted them. I'm not sure what the problem is, maybe I add too much flour or something, because they do not spread, and they always gets more cake-y than cookie-y. It's not that I under baked them, because last time I kept it in there a lot longer, just to make sure. It came out cake-y and rock hard. Not good. I refuse to give up though, what are your experiences? Everyone seems to love this cookie recipe but I'm just clueless.

What makes me bring this up today, is because a similar thing happened with yesterdays cookies. I made the Sell Your Soul Pumpkin Cookies, once again from Vegan Cookies(...). They came out almost exactly like the chocolate chip once, a bit to cake-y. They look quite similar to the once on the pictures in the book, so maybe they're not to far from the original, but I wasn't too fond of them. Luckily, Martin are happy to eat them both and I get to stick with the brownies (!!!).

Week two of MoFo is over and I'm feeling ready for next week. I plan to make more food than sweets so be prepared for some nice dinner suggestions! I will probably make some cabbage rolls and a northern Swedish speciality, Palt.


  1. Pumpkin cookies seem all the rage this vegan mofo, but this is the first time I've a recipe with pumpkin SEEDS. Nice work - and lovely photos!

  2. I haven't made the SYSP cookies in ages! Maybe it's that time. I don't think mine came out cakey, but I've had that issue with the chocolate chip. I'll let you know how they turn out.

  3. I have never had that issue with the chocolate chip ones (and I half the oil) Do you have an oven thermometer? That's the only thing I can think of.

    With the pumpkin ones, are you reducing the pumpkin enough?

    Are you using the right kind of leavening?

    That's all I can think of. Haha. At least they look good!

  4. hmmmm... I am looking for a pumpkin cookie, and i"ll take your review into consideration. I love how you used the pumpkin seeds for decor!