Saturday, November 13, 2010


When I read Not A Rabbit's post about brownies, I had to agree with her. She says that brownies are supposed to be fudgy, otherwise it's a chocolate cake. I immediately realized that the coming recipe would be a hit in my kitchen. Or at least, I had high hopes. All my previous attempts in making brownies have resulted in the aforementioned chocolate cake. And don't get me wrong, I love chocolate cake! But when you want brownies, you don't want a well done cake. You don't want an undone cake either, you want a done brownie.

Now I've got one. Actually, I have 12 perfect brownies in my fridge ready to be eaten. I'm going to serve them to some friends later and I'm sure they'll love them just as much as I do, because they are just as chocolaty and fudgy as a brownie's supposed to. They also have a glossy, paper-thin crust, which you achieve by blending the sugar to a powder. I'm not sure why that makes a paper-thin crust, but it sure does.

So go ahead, the recipe is here!


  1. Woah and yum! You must have followed that recipe pretty closely - they look so similar right down to the crackely papery top!

  2. Yum, I'll definitely be trying this recipe.

  3. I saw that post too. These brownies look so perfect! I never had the real deal, I mean the really fudgy stuff. This is what I want! I am going to try the recipe soon.

  4. Gorgeous. I can't wait to make these!

  5. Latest reply ever in 3..2...1....

    You made them! Yay!

    And you liked them? *Phew!*

    They look great! And really similar to mine too. Cool. I was quite paranoid that maybe other people would make them and they wouldn't be the same, and they would think I was a total fraud! (I'm really confident like that!).

    River over at Wing-It Vegan deserves all the credit for this recipe though, she did the hard work and I just tweaked it at the end to make it super fudgy :)

    I'm so glad you liked them :D