Friday, January 28, 2011

Caulipots with lingonberry jam.

I don't have Appetite for Reduction in my bookshelf, but that's only because I don't have one to put it in. Since I live my life out of my backpack at the moment and with a crappy supply of cookware, there's no room for books. But rest assure, as soon as my living is a bit more stable I will buy the book in a minute, because it seems amazing. Even without the book, I couldn't miss the hype about the caulipots. Mashed cauliflower might not be a new invention, but pairing it up with potatoes and broth makes it a wonderful substitution for the sometimes to heavy potato mash. The recipe is definitely out there, so hit the web or your book if you are lucky to have it and start cooking!

I ate it with chickpea patties, onions, spinach and lingonberry jam!

Yesterday evening I had been working late and wanted to take some photos of a sculpture park in the dark, so I set out to do it. Unfortunately, it started raining quite heavily so I hid under a tree and took only one decent picture. I will definitely have to go back.


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