Sunday, January 23, 2011

While waiting for spring to arrive, I'm eating spring rolls.

Yesterday I made spring rolls for lunch. After finally buying some swimwear (to be able to go swimming in geothermal pools!) we went to the Vietnamese supermarket some blocks away. We stocked up on noodles and hung around at the fridge for a while looking at the weird veggies, not brave enough to buy anything this time. We also bought spring roll pastry. Martin loves spring rolls, and when I was younger me and my mother used to make them together. I decided it was time for me to try making them myself.

It's really easy. Just make a filling, I stir fried some Chinese noodles with cabbage, bell pepper and onions for a while and spiced it up with some soy sauce and hot sauce. Simple but tasty is the way to go! I guess you could put anything in there as long as it's not to sloppy. Defrost the pastry and keep it in a damp towel so that it won't dry out. Fill them, roll them up and fry in some oil until browned and crispy. Serve with sauce of choice, I did a very simple peanut-coconut thing. 

Happy spring rolling!

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  1. Vi hade vårrullar här hemma också, i hopp om att våren skulle komma!