Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Favourites

We have a Friday tradition at work, at 11 we go swimming in the ocean. Swimming in the north Atlantic Ocean in February might sound crazy, and it is, but in such a good way! The water is merely above the freezing point, and makes your whole body go numb within seconds. That is, if you aren't used to it. There are men an women at this beach that is really used to it, and can be in there for more than 5 minutes. I'm very happy with 10-15 seconds thank you, then I'm heading straight to the steaming hot pot. That's the nice thing about doing this in Iceland, they heat there water with geothermal activity, so they can have hot pools outside even in winter for barely no costs. It's an amazing feeling sitting in the hot pot looking out over a beautiful Icelandic bay, in the middle of February. I will miss it so much when I leave here.

Speaking about Friday traditions, here's a new one of mine. Sharing the love a little for all those funny and a interesting things happening on the internet.

Bonzai Aphrodite - Diversity In A Vegan Diet
Sayward Rebhal writes the great blog Bonzai Aphrodite, and this week she wrote a blogpost named Diversity In A Vegan Diet. It's about showing how diverse a vegan diet can be, despite all the "restrictions". Check it out and feel inspired! Is your diet as diverse or do you eat the same things over and over?
Veganmage - Delicato ball eating contest
The Swedish Blogger Fido is hosting a contest where the challange is to eat as many Delicato Balls as possible in a row. That is, a super creamy and also extremely filling chocolate ball sold in Sweden, vegan by nature. The current record is 12. I would totally try to beat it, but they're not sold in Iceland.

Update Saturday 19 February: The record is now 1 KG, 18 balls. Hard to beat I would say.

Vegan Culinary Crusade
When Amber Shea, the author of the blog Almost Vegan, finished her education at the 105 Academy, I was sad. No more detailed stories and photos about her days in training, it felt a bit empty. Until I found another woman who is now in training there, and is blogging as detailed about all amazing things she's wipping up there. Just look at the raw chocolate chips!


  1. Great report! I'm ready to enjoy all of them

  2. Ha, ha, I followed the delicatoboll eating contest. Very impressive. Your Friday tradition sounds impressive, too! I was never able to peel myself out of my clothes to go swimming in the in winter. Over here people love to do it in the Baltic Sea.

  3. I had no idea you lived so far away. I think Iceland is beautiful and I hope I can visit it one day. I love your photography as well. Very pretty!