Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Morning

Cinnamon overnight oats with banana chips and a fig and Icelandic rye bread with apricot marmalade.

This week I will be working in the evenings, which I'm not so fond of. But I will admit that it has it's up-sides. On of them is waking up by nine, reading for a while in bed, going up for breakfast, then looking back at the bed and the other person who's still sleeping deeply in it, and decide to get back in and sleep for some hours more. That's exactly what I did this morning.

Yesterday I met this cute little guy when I was out on a walk.


  1. Love the first photos! And the bunny too =)

  2. That breakfast looks amazing! Such lovely presentation, too.

  3. Beautiful. Verkligen superfint :)

  4. Hej! jag gillar din sida! fin!
    jag slänger in en länk på min hemsida /nina

  5. Så mysiga foton! Älskar de staplade äpplena, och lille kaninen förstås :)