Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Recipe Favourites + Winter swimming video!

This week has been all about recipes, and this Friday Favourites will follow the theme. For me, this week has been more about photography, since I've found some really awesome food photography blogs, more about them next Friday! I just realized that all the links below are for sweets, and realised that that is what I use recipes for the most. I cook most of my food without a recipe, but almost always use recipes for the sweet stuff, guess that's why there's such an unbalance. If you have any recipes for food or sweets that you like to share, please do in the comments!

Molasses and ginger granola bars
This recipe from Good Life Eats is not only a recipe, but also a standard formula for granola bars!
Cinnamon roll pancakes
My heart stopped for a second when I saw this brilliant idea. A cross between a pancake and a cinnamon roll, that's just perfect.
Chocolate filled raspberries
This makes me want summer NOW.
Apple Butter
A recipe for apple butter that doesn't require a slow cooker.

So, recipe week is over, what did you think? There's been Vegan Skagen Mix, Mug Brownie, Orange Ginger Tofu, and Date Bars.  Was there something in particular that you liked/disliked? Have you used any of the recipes or are you planning to?

Below is a special treat for you, me swimming in the North Atlantic Ocean today!

The quality is lacking in most departments, and the wind shook the hole camera in the end, but still, gotta love it.


  1. your mug brownies sound perfect for when you're craving something sweet, fast! those cinnamon roll pancakes look heavenly, too.

  2. vill prova skagenröran! måste dock erkänna att jag blir lite avskrämd av amerikanska mått, har inte riktigt kommit på hur man omvandlar dem än hehe...

  3. I so want to go swimming there too! was it freezing cold or bearable?

  4. Celine: Both! Freezing cold (2,6 degrees Celsius) but it's bearable for that short amount of time.