Saturday, June 25, 2011

Eating on the road

I've never had to go to bed hungry while travelling as a vegan, no matter if I was travelling in Sweden, Iceland, Turkey or Germany. The U.S was no exception, rather the contrary. I always travel on a very limited budget, meaning that I rarely eat out at restaurants and buying a cup of coffee at a café is to be considered a luxury. Oregon and Washington was pretty cheap comparing to Scandinavia, so that allowed us to eat out way more than we usually do on the road, which of course was a lot of fun! I wouldn't have want to miss the experience of eating lunch at food carts in Portland, trying Ethiopian for the first time, eating soft serve, having breakfast coffee at a diner, cooling down with lemonade at a soda fountain or enjoying cheese filled pizza crust.

The money isn't the only reason I rarely eat out while travelling. I love being out in the nature and would prefer going to see a big tree rather than a big church 9 times out of 10, so I often find myself on a mountain top or at a remote beach at lunch time, with no lunch options in site. That's when I sit down, open my backpack and eat whatever is in there.

Let me give you some samples:

Me, eating a carrot dipped in peanut butter. I love having a jar of peanut butter and some carrots in my backpack, it makes such an easy snack!


  When the peanut butter jar is almost empty, I use it to make overnight oats for breakfast.

Tofurkey deli slices from the Tofurkey Factory.

Bananas, Amy's lentil soup and water after an exhausting hike in the sun.

Sourdough bread roll from a bakery in Cannon Beach.

Chocolate soy ice cream on the beach.

I realise that I didn't take one single picture of what we ate most of the time, tortilla chips and salsa. All these different salsas was like heaven!

What do you eat while on the road?


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