Sunday, July 10, 2011


After almost a month of small city life, we found ourselves in Olympia, the capital of Washington. The city doesn't even have a population of 50,000, but it felt like a big city for us. Longer distances, buses everywhere and the parks were sadly grey. However, as long as cities goes, Olympia was very nice.

We went our for lunch, to Saigon Rendez Vous, a Vietnamese-Chinese restaurant with a huge vegetarian menu, even during lunch hours. The price was low, and service quite bad, but the food was great. They relied heavily on tofu, fake chicken and fake beef, something I love. Maybe it's only me, but when the only vegan option is stir fried veggies with rice, I leave.

We couldn't finish the fake chicken with lemongrass, so we got a box with it to go, and I ate it some time later in a park.

I finally got to go to a Farmers Market. Except for asparagus and cherries, I was excited for the Blue Heron Bakery that had a booth there as well. They had so many choices! Here's a chocolate mocha cake.

 Some fudgy peanut bar.

We made lentil soup for dinner one day.

Onion bagel with vegan cream cheese, fried zucchini and tomatoes.

Vegan macaroni and cheese - straight from the freezer!

Martin went to the store to "buy some candy". He came back with two containers Rice Dream (Mint Carob Chip and Swiss Almond), two bags of candy and a package of Oreos. That's a man I like.

We wanted to make dinner for the woman we stayed with, so we made asparagus with vinaigrette, potato spinach squares and corn on the cob.

In the evening she wanted to take us to a place to watch the sunset and the bats that lived there. Little did we know that there would also be a team of volunteers catching and studying the wings for damages, then releasing them of course.We got to help and got to see them really up close, so cool!


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