Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Seattle offered lots of good food, here's what we had time for:

Bacon burgers at Sage Bakery & Café. A bit pricey but delicious.

We also bought two day old sweets from there, a coconut cupcake and a cranberry muffin.

On Saturday morning we went to a farmers market with our couchsurfing hosts.

After they had stocked up at the farmers market, we went for breakfast at Wayward Vegan Café. They had an extensive breakfast menu and almost everything sounded good. We went for a breakfast burrito and the hillbilly omelette. One of our hosts went for the daily special - mac and cheese pancakes! I'll have to try make that at home someday.

Right across the street were the vegan store Sidecar For Pigs Peace and got some stuff to bring home.

We had to have pizza at Pizza Pi, the all vegan pizza place. I must say that I can actually get better vegan pizzas in my home town in Sweden, but I was impressed with the cheese stuffed crust.

Of course we had to visit Fremont. We had a lovely day there, visiting the Sunday market, walking along the water and hanging out in Water Works Park. We also stopped at Flying Apron Bakery, only to be quite disappointed.  We weren't really feeling like ordering anything, but went for a slice of the cake. It turned out to be quite expensice, and only  OK, but not fantastic.

Pasta salad in a bag for lunch.

And that was that trip! We flew back home and when you read this we're already gone again - to England this time to try out WWOOFing. I'll update you on how that is soon!


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