Monday, August 8, 2011

Devon and Cornwall has never left me hungry.

I've now been in England for almost 6 weeks, spending the time in Devon and Cornwall WWOOFing at three different farms. Soon it will be time to go back to Sweden, were I will move to a new town and start school again - I'm pretty excited!

Fresh blueberry juice on the blueberry farm
I've been more hungry than usual these weeks from all the body work, but has never been left hungry. The WWOOFing hosts are supposed to feed you, and they sure have. At the blueberry farm Wei Wei cooked up loads of food for 13 people every night, all her own inventions. She made us both cornish pasties and food inspired from her earlier life in China, all of which tasted great.
Cornish pasties, labelled V for vegan.

On the other farm, the host wasn't there a lot, so we were left to cook for ourselves, and can I just ask you English people what's up with self raising flour? It wasn't my best friend. The bread machine was however. I had never baked in one before, but it was so easy I couldn't believe it.

Spagettie bolognese with frozen veggie mince.

On our last farm, were we are now, Carol does most of the cooking. She's a fierce woman soon to be 70, and she cooks up a hearty tasty vegan meal for us every night, followed by dessert.

Blueberries on filo pastry.

Sticky ginger date cake from Vegan Feasts, might just be the best cake ever.

Have you read my interview with David, the cranberry farmer from Greyland, WA? Did you like it? Would you like to read a similar interview with the blueberry farmer I stayed with in Dartmoor National Park? Let me know and I'll try to set it up!


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