Friday, August 19, 2011

Mac n' Cheese Pancakes

 In June, I ended my travels in Oregon and Washington with a short stay in  Seattle. I had the pleasure to stay with two vegan couchsurfers, and they took me to Wayward Café for Saturday brunch, an awesome all vegan place with loads of breakfast options. That morning, I went for the hillbilly omelette, but their daily special was Mac n' Cheese pancakes, and the thought of them never quite left me. I decided today was the day to give it a try.

I looked around some blogs for a recipe, but they all seemed to call for some kind of ready made vegan cheese, which I did not have on hand and did not wish to pay a small fortune for at the store either. So I made up my own version, calling for no ready made vegan cheese.

First, I made the Easy Breezy Cheezy Sauce from Appetite for Reduction. Then, I made the batter for No Fail Buttermilk Pancakes from 500 vegan recipes, and added a dash of turmeric for colour. I also cooked up some macaroni and let it cool.

The the experimenting could begin. Some of the recipes I had read said to put the pancake batter in the pan, sprinkle some macaroni on top and add cheese before flipping it over. I tried, without the cheese, and it worked OK. I also tried to mix the macaroni with the batter before adding to the pan, and I liked how that made them more incorporated in the pancake, so I went with that for the rest of them. I tried mixing some cheezy sauce into the batter pre-fying, but the taste somehow got lost in there, so I skipped that.

My conclusion:

Mac n' cheese pancakes
What you'll need:
- A batch of pancake batter (no sugar or vanilla or anything)
- Cheesy sauce of some kind
- Boiled macaroni

How to:
- Mix the macaroni into the pancake batter, how much is really up to you, it can handle quite a high ratio of macaroni to batter.
- Fry them up until golden on both sides, and serve with the cheezy sauce on top!

It's delicious.


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