Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Butternut sushi

Inspired by the recipe for butternut rice in Appetite for Reduction, I steamed some butternut squash and boiled some rice the other night for dinner. I didn't have coconut milk, and I didn't bother to spice it up with anything else, I just mashed the squash and mixed it with the rice and stuffed a tortilla with it. I added some sriracha and salad and gobbled up this wonderful thing in minutes.

I had a lot of leftover rice, and got the idea to use it for sushi. Not sure how it would work, the rice being basmati and not the short grained one I usually use for sushi, I just mixed in a little bit of rice vinegar in the rice-butternut mix and spread it out on a sheet of nori. To stick with the orange theme, I used raw carrot sticks as a filling and rolled them up. It worked like a charm and tasted wonderfully sweet and yummy. I think I might do this again and so should you!


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