Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sunflower butter - Do it yourself!

Although I'm a bit tired of peanut butter after travelling a lot (the best on-the-road-food ever), it's still a staple in my fridge. But what about other kinds of nut and seed-butters? I'm constantly reading about people eating almond or cashew butter, and it sounds great. It's not easy to find in Sweden, and if you do, you don't know if to laugh or cry when you see the price. However, as with (almost) everything else, you can make it yourself. I started out with sunflower seeds, a cheap option that let me try my food processors ability. It turned out it's not great, but good enough to produce a relatively smooth seed butter that tastes great!

How to make it?

1. Toast the seeds lightly in a dry pan (optional)
2. Put them in the food processor and fire away.
3. After a while, add a little bit of oil, and mix some more. How much or if you have to add it at all, might depend on your seeds and blender. I needed about 1,5 tbs oil for 1,5 C of seeds.
4. Add a dash of salt and a tiny amount of agave (optional)
5. Blend some more, until creamy.

This looks a bit weird, I know. The sunflower butter has the un-charming colour grey-beige and the colour of the homemade grape jelly doesn't look very natural, but it is! Tastes great too.


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