Friday, October 21, 2011

Lentil-balls and apple puff pastry squares.

 I made lentil-balls for dinner and served them along with the given things, spaghetti and tomato sauce. The balls where really good, but since I hardly ever cook with the intention to create a recipe, there is none. However, they contain: green lentils, onion, garlic, green bell pepper, sunflower seeds, breadcrumbs, spices and a small amount of gluten flour. Now, do it yourself!

 Then, there was dessert! (Yes, I used the same parchment paper but as for the lentil-balls but I did turn it over.) Store bought puff pastry, topped with apples, cinnamon and sugar. I brushed them with some homemade peach jam once they were baked too. 

They were awesome.

4 sweet bloggers have nominated me for the Liebster award, which is some kind of thing you do to spread the word about the smaller bloggers you like. Thank you Smooch Panda, Food Stains, Beans, Figs and Katz and Phoenix, you made me very happy! I'm not a big fan of doing these things myself and I have no idea how many followers everyone have, but I'm planning a round up of all the amazing things I've read during MoFo later on so I will spread the love then, promise.


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