Saturday, October 8, 2011

Market Candy

When I went up in the elevator from the shared laundry room I met an old lady. She told me there was a market in town, so I brought Martin out there with me. I live in a town with about 7000 people, so it's pretty small. I swear, I saw more people today out than I've seen altogether since I moved here. I learned that the market is yearly (I guess everyone knows about it since there has been no posters!). It was a very typical small town market. Donut carts, a small tivoli, hot dogs, cheep t-shirts, and of course - loads of candy! It's pretty much always the same. This year though, Martin told me that what is called "market nougat" is often vegan! So of course we had to buy some in various tastes. Supposedly, it's made of margarine, sugar (loads!), flour and whatever taste you want it to be, cocoa powder for example. We got some chocolate, whiskey (!) and pear, as well as some marmalade thing and hard caramels.

Also, we got one of there long things. The woman in the boot was very sweet and let us go in the back and check all the list of ingredients to find if there was one without gelatine. As we found out - the "sour coke" was. How could we not buy one (two actually)?


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