Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pear Frangipane Tart from the Post Punk Kitchen

I made this Pear Frangipane tart some weeks ago when my mother was visiting. She brought a bunch of pears from her own tree, and since we were both still swooning over a pear almond pie we ate a few years ago, this was the time to try the recipe from the Post Punk Kitchen blog. I was kind of nervous before baking, since the almond "batter" looked horrible and since I was bringing this to a dinner party, I hoped for the appearance to be less repulsive after baking, and it came out beautiful. Like the ugly duckling really. It tasted amazing all along, so I was never really that worried. I can't recommend this tart enough, so just get yourself some pears and make it yourself!

To go with the autumn theme - look at this stunning color of some maple leaves I used for decorating a gift wrapped in newspaper


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