Friday, December 30, 2011

A year in review - August to December.


I got back from England and had two weeks to pack all my stuff and get ready to start school and move to a new town. I ate a lot of fruit from my mothers garden and tried black and white food photography.


Moved to Hallsberg, where I started school. Moved into a small apartment and went berry picking in the north.  We also did some hiking in the nearby forests.


 Fall colours everywhere, and Vegan MoFo as well! I made a lot of food, such as pumpkin luna bars and cowboy cookies. My mother and sister visited me.


The leaves fell of the trees and I won a Vegan Dish mug. I made tempeh burgers on top of raised waffles and the sunrises were amazing.

I started volunteering at a cat shelter together with my friend Hannah and made some pretty cat friends. I made swirly cookies and celebrated christmas in Gothenburg.

How was your year?


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