Monday, December 26, 2011

A year in review - January to July


Moved from the Faroe Islands to Reykjavík, Iceland. It was fun living in a city again and I got some new awesome friends and colleagues. I ate more diverse food and discovered overnight oats.


Ate a lof ot sushi, both homemade and from restaurants. Went on some pretty awesome road trips along the coast of Iceland and went swimming in the freezing ocean every Friday. Soaked in a natural hot spring during a storm and made ginger ale.



Last month on Iceland. Celebrated the Swedish waffle day and semla-day togehter with our co-workers. Went on the most amazing road trip to northern Iceland, concurring the storm winds and slippery roads. Found all the best restaurants and coffee shops, and then it was time to leave. Wrote "Vegan Guide to Reykjavík" with all my best food advice.


Moved away from Iceland and spent a month living with my family in Gothenburg, Sweden. Hung out a lot with the dogs and went to see relatives in the south. It was springtime and warm weather, and I ate the first radishes and the flowers were starting to spring into bloom.


Travelled in Oregon and Washington for 6 weeks, and ate a lot of great food, met the most amazing people and went swimming in the Pacific Ocean. Probably the best weeks of the year.


After coming back from the U.S, I spent two more weeks in Gothenburg with family. I was featured in a Russian food magazine, talking about eating vegan on Iceland. We celebrated Midsummer, and then I was off to the UK to do 6 weeks of volunteering on organic farms, one of them a blueberry farm.


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