Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ghost pepper sauce

It's Martin here again for the second installment of my Hot Sauce Section here at Fanny's blog. Brace yourselves for one scary blog post - we'll be dealing with the poltergeist of peppers: Bhut Jolokia - The Ghost Pepper. Besides being one of the tastiest peppers in the world it's one of the hottest as well. The maximum heat mesured for the pepper on the Scoville scale is a whopping 1,041,427 (compared for example with Tabasco sauce's measly 2500-5000). 

The Ghost is named rather figuratively - the heat comes creeping and consumes your taste buds bit by bit. The more you eat and the longer you eat it - the hotter it gets. And this chili sure wants to kill you. 

I've so far come by two different varieties of Ghost Peppers Sauces. "Ass Kickin Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce" and "The Ghost Hot Sauce". Even though as far as  I've understood these two are in the lower spectrum of Ghost sauces - they still pack a lot of flavor and a respectable amount of heat.  
"Ass Kickin'" has the simpler composition and the more direct approach - and is the winner in the long run. Very usable both in side dishes (such as Ghost Mayo) or as a spice in stews or wok's. "The Ghost" on the other hand also packs some fruity additions and does compromise a little bit more on the heat. 

All in all - Bhut Jolokia is king, taste a lot better then Habanero and has the added quality of an unusual way of being hot. Try it, love it and never look back!


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