Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sandwich cake.

Sandwich cake. Definitely one of the more fun Swedish dishes there is, this is a cake made out of sandwiches. The concept is simple, bread is stacked with various fillings in between and decorated, then sliced into pieces and eaten as any other cake, just not as dessert. Most common on festive occasions, like birthdays, graduation parties or midsummer celebrations, this is a crowd pleaser for sure. Usually the fillings are connected with tastes from the sea, but you can really fill it with whatever you want to. Hummus, tartex and mushroom paté would all be nice fillings, and with the toppings you can go wild and use whatever rocks your boat.

This one was made for Martin's birthday party, and had two fillings. One very similar to skagen mix, but with chickpeas instead of tofu, and the other one was made with yellow lentils, apple, leeks, curry and mustard. On top there's non-dairy cream cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, seaweed topping and blood oranges.

 And since it was a party, of course there was baked goods. I didn't take any pictures, but it was kind of the same buns as in this picture taken 3 years ago (sweet yeasted buns filled with vanilla custard and dipped in sugar) and peanut butter chocolate pillows.


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