Monday, January 23, 2012


 Say hello to Lucia! She moved in with us yesterday!

When I started volunteering at the local cat shelter Lucia was the first cat that my eyes fell upon. She is very big, heavily over weight but has the sweetest little face and would stretch out one of her front legs as a greeting when you stepped into her place. Ever since, we have been bonding more and more, slowly. Then she got adopted out, but came back again only a couple of days later, because the person didn't like her. When I came back to the shelter after the holidays, she had two big wounds on her back after being in a fight with another cat at the shelter. They were messy, and the fur on her back was gross and smelly, so I started cleaning it. It took about 25 minutes, and during that time my love for her grew even stronger and it wasn't until then I realized how much I wanted a cat to live with me. How much I wanted Lucia to live with me. And now she does!

She seems to like it here. She is still a bit scared of moving around in the apartment, but she seems happy sitting on top of her cat tree looking out the windows and get loads of cuddles. She loves being rubbed on her belly. Can you tell I'm happy about my new friend?


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