Thursday, January 26, 2012

What I ate Thursday

This is a mash up between a smoothie and overnight oats.  Inspired by a recipe for Banana Oat Morning Fuel from 500 vegan recipes, I made it by soaking oats in oat milk and peanut butter overnight, then blending it with frozen banana, cocoa powder and some soy protein powder. Best start of the day you can get.

I have an exam tomorrow so I spent the morning studying. A coffee break was very needed. I drank it in my awesome mug from Vegan Dish and ate some chocolate covered marzipan to go with it. Lucia got a gift from my mother in the mail the other day, two mice to play with. She's not very enthusiastic though, as always when it comes to physical activities. How do one make a super lazy cat more active?

 Lunch was spaghetti with mushrooms (button and chantarelles), chickpeas and carrots in a "forest inspired" sauce. Nom nom nom.

Dinner was Easy Mexican Red Rice from Vegan Dad with pinto chipotle patties and steamed carrots drenched in tahini. The rice was OK but a bit bland. I would use more spices next time for sure, but the concept was nice.

Now it's almost 10 pm and I'm craving something sweet like crazy.


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